Sculpture once existed as the monumental, forcing us to move our bodies in order to work out meaning. And we are always moving, always making meaning of the spaces we enter, our body reading and reacting. The body is a measure by which we see ourselves. Where are we in space, how are we there, and what is where around there.

I want to make work for this bodily movement. The pieces I make are modular in some way. A set of shapes may break down to be easily packed, or the piece may be an arrangement – but the pieces remain as individuals. This balance produces tension, promotes play, and highlights the fact that these pieces can move, that they will resurface in future projects. The role of the viewer as participant is another theme of my work. I want you to see this, from there. I want the way you move through the installation space to teach the others that watch you. I want to imagine that getting you to contort yourself in the same position that I was making it will transmit something to you. Modular memory.